Friday, June 7, 2019

Von Scales Slams Tamar Braxton For Temper Tantrum Over Proposing To Trina During Her Birthday Celebration at


The season finale of Braxton Family Values aired Thursday night and it was as explosive as you"d expect it to be. This specific hour focused on the sisters" trip to Napa Valley that was supposed to celebrate Tamar Braxton"s birthday.

The rocky vacation started off okay but declined as the days went on. What was seemingly a miserable time for Tamar and Traci turned into one of the best trips of Trina"s life because she got engaged to her boyfriend at the time, Von Scales.

This was the infamous diner that the Love and War singer shared to her Instagram Live feed. Tamar was already upset by the fact that her sisters only got her a card and one present but was really set off when Von took the time to propose to her sister on her special day.

Scales, on the other hand, didn"t see the big deal considering that they had already celebrated her another day and that this was the only time that he would have the siblings together in the same place at the same time.

Von explained to David Adefeso, Tamar"s boyfriend, that he didn"t understand why Tamar acted the way that she did.

Although the mother of one has already apologized for her actions, fans don"t blame her for her harsh reaction.

Viewers took to a clip of the situation posted by the Shade Room.

"It’s HER Birthday Dinner!!! You shouldn’t have chose that moment."

"But wasn’t this Tamars birthday dinner? I would be upset too tf. He coulda did that on ANY other day."

"you don"t do nothing like that at someone birthday party tho.. it"s not about them."

Toni left the table to tell her sister to stop acting spoiled.

The rest of the episode also dealt with Traci"s unresolved feelings towards her siblings for the way that they treat her -- starting with leaving her out of the group when she became pregnant 25 years ago.

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