Saturday, June 8, 2019

Wendy Williams Hangs Out With The Kardashians - See The Video That Has People Laughing Their Hearts Out And The Photo That Shocked Them at


Wendy Williams seems to have a really fun weekend, hanging out with the Kardashians. There"s a photo of her with the one and only momager, Kris Jenner and a video with Kim Kardashian.

People are laughing like there"s no tomorrow while watching the video of Wendy and Kim because the quality of the clip is so low that it seems to have been recorded with a sort of a "retro phone."

Anyway, check out the posts below. The most important thing is that Wendy is doing great and she"s happy.

After seeing her with Kris, fans were confused because they believed that Wendy doesn"t exactly like her.

Someone said, "Wendy is a whole new person since that public divorce ❤️"

Another follower posted: "Wow!! Wendy always talked bad about Kris. And she always called Kris “that woman”. Now we know it was probably that “extra dead weight” controlling her every move!!! 😩😩😩"

One fan exclaimed, "Wendy living her best life now!!"

One person had this to say about the video: "What in the gas station surveillance video?"

Someone joked: "Did she record this with a calculator?" and another follower said, "She has an android iPhones camera would never."

One commenter said that "They really out there recording this from their microwave."

And eventually, someone laughed as well and said, "Somebody said did she record with a calculator! I am weak !!!! 😩😂"

Funny comments, indeed. Anyway, leaving all jokes aside, Wendy is definitely living her best life after she hit her cheating hubby with the divorce papers.

She has been spotted recently on a date with a mystery man.

Not too long ago, Wendy said that she’s open to dating and she hopes to find love again.

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