Monday, June 3, 2019

Colton Underwood Addresses Tyler Gwozdz’s Quiet Departure From The "Bachelorette" - Here"s What Happened! at


Fans of the Bachelorette have been talking about Tyler Gwozdz’s sudden and unexpected disappearance from the show. In fact, the whole thing is very mysterious which has been causing people to be even more curious, especially since he got Hannah Brown"s first one-on-one date on her season!

The two really seemed to connect immediately and he was expected to be a frontrunner but now that he is gone, fans are confused.

This was mentioned by the Bachelorette herself on the latest episode, when Hannah casually said that he was off the show.

Reportedly, the man got removed from the cast by the production team after comments about his behavior in the past surfaced on social media.

While in attendance at the iHeartRadio"s 102.7 KIIS-FM Wango Tango concert, Bachelor Colton Underwood addressed this, saying that ‘I will say this, if there is a guy who was removed because of production, it was probably something they did not want out there. I am not asking any questions. It was probably for the best for the show.’

Furthermore, Cam Ayala - Bachelorette castoff - chatted with ET earlier this week, revealing that the producers fired Tyler quietly for the sole reason that it was ‘in the best interest for Hannah and Tyler for him to no longer be here. It has been limited information they gave us in regards to Tyler"s departure... It was indeed a shock for all of us because he got the very first rose from the first one on one date. It was a shock for everybody in the house.’

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