Sunday, June 2, 2019

James Kennedy Reveals He And Lala Kent Are Working On New Music Together After Ending Their Feud - "Glad To Have My Friend Back" at


James Kennedy and Lala Kent have not been friends, despite being co-stars on Vanderpump Rules, for years! However, the man took to social media to make it obvious that their longtime feud is finally over!

The DJ posted a selfie that featured both him and the singer posing for the pic and looking really close again.

It was enough to prove their friendship is back on but the man also announced that they celebrated ending their beef by collabing on a new track!

As fans know, this wouldn"t be the first time James and Lala create music together but after years of feuding, it’s great to see they are back at it again.

‘We made a dope record in the studio today, glad to have my friend back. Get ready for some pure fire 🔥 #RideWithMe,’ the caption reads.

You may remember that in the beginning, when the Bravo show was in its infancy, the co-stars were really good friends.

Since they were the two outsiders from the main circle of pals on Vanderpump Rules, they always had each other’s backs and kept each other company!

However, during season seven, things took a turn for their friendship when Lala called James’ girlfriend Raquel Leviss a ‘Bambi-eyed b***h.’

Before that, Raquel had talked about her with Lala’s friend behind her back.

It was a really difficult time for Lala since she was also struggling with the loss of her dad.

As a result, she kept lashing out against her friends and fellow reality TV stars.

And since Raquel stood up for herself, her friendship with James kept getting more and more strained.

During the latest season, Lala and James did meet for dinner once but nothing seemed to get solved.

Thankfully, it looks like they eventually did manage to make peace!

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