Sunday, June 9, 2019

Toya Wright"s Daughter, Reign Rushing Is A Whole Mood In This Video - See Reigny Doing A Little Dance at


Toya Wright shared a video of little Reign Rushing while she"s doing her little dance and the baby girl is simply adorable. Check out the video that has Reginae Carter proud below.

"@colormenae it’s your fault. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣😩" Toya captioned her pic to which Reginae responded: "Yesss !! You make your sister so proud Reigny!!"

Someone else said, "When you about to cut up but you see your daddy looking lol."

A fan commented, "She getting it😍😍awww Reign 💞is just to darn cute 😉 thanks for sharing her with all of us @toyawright."

A person also wrote "Sis was about to go awwff then somebody distracted her 🤣😍"

Reigny is definitely a whole mood and as days go by and she gets older, she becomes more fun and beautiful, that"s for sure.

Toya simply adores her two girls and whenever someone had something bad to say about them, she defended both like crazy.

Speaking of defending her kids, Toya just recently slammed a person really hard after they body shamed Nae.

Reginae shared a photo of herself and two of her pals on her social media account.

Haters hopped in the comments and the moment someone body shamed her again, Nae’s mom had enough and defended her daughter like a lioness.

This is not the first time when something like this happens and it probably won’t be he last either.

Unfortunately, some people refuse to understand that body shaming and bullying are horrible things.

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