Saturday, June 8, 2019

Tiny Harris Says Domani Harris Put Everything Into His New Project - She And Tip Are The Proudest Parents at


Tiny Harris keeps praising her and Tip"s son, Domani Harris new music. Both parents have shared some clips to promote his latest work on their social media accounts.

Here"s Tiny"s latest post that she shared with fans and followers:

"Gotta love the way our son @domaniharris1 Hustle. Time Will Tell out now!! Available everywhere!! So proud of him. He put his all into this project & u can hear it in every song!! #GoGetThat #ThxForSupportingMyBabies 👑🎶🔥🧡" Tiny captioned her post.

Her followers are all here for Domani"s new music and everyone says he"s different compared to other young rappers out there.

A fan said, "He gets it honestly! You guys raise your kids well! Whatever they do it will be great!"

Someone else posted: "On da serious grind Hustle hard hustle man what they say “you get it from ya daddy” 💯➕"

One other commenter wrote: "I absolutely love the vibe of each song! He got something here 💯"

A follower said: "Download it! I love this - it’s so soft and easy to listen to, and his words are so deep. Easy to listen to and different than those other young rappers out there!"

Tiny is not only supporting her family but her friends as well.

For instance, she was right there for Lauren London when she posted another heartbreaking Nipsey Hussle-related photo and message.

Tiny"s fans love the fact that she"s not only a great mom and wife but also an amazing friend.

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