Friday, June 7, 2019

T.I. Praises His Late Sister, Precious Harris Amidst Horribly Disturbing Reports Regarding Her Death - More Outlets Have Disrespected Her Memory at


There have been a few outlets which reported something extremely disturbing. TMZ reported that T.I."s sister, Precious Harris" cause of death had something to do with cocaine use.

TMZ started all this, and fortunately, it seems that the outlet backtracked on their report after T.I. blasted the publication.

The outlet even issued an apology and edited the article as reported by the They reportedly edited the article into an obituary out of respect for Tip and his family. The report was really disturbing, but it"s not worth mentioning more details.

Everyone knows that Tip, his family, and the whole community loved Precious to the moon and back.

More outlets which have reported the news have edited their articles or simply removed them.

Tip posted a photo of his beloved sister on social media and praised her memory:

"Rest Well Lil Sis...WE GOT U!!! Weapons may form... But They WILL NOT prosper. Not Today!!!! U were too good to too many for US to let any hurt harm or danger come to you or your legacy. #LongLivePrecious," Tip captioned his post.

People are supporting him just like always and most fans have blasted such horrible news that surfaced and disrespected Precious" memory.

Someone said: "Your sister helped me! She even came & got my son when I was going through postpartum & took him to your house & kept him so I can sleep! Precious is Precious to us all thanks for sharing her! 👑"

Another follower posted: "I am so sick of people. Allow this lady to rest in peace. What she did in her life was her business. She did not hurt anybody. Praying for you all."

One fan wrote: "How distasteful to put all of that extra stuff out in the media! However, the measure of who she was cannot be determined by how she passed! What really matters is how she lived, and NOTHING done or said at this point can diminish that!!!"

This is indeed the most important thing - how Precious Harris lived and the fact that she surrounded everyone dear to her with love and respect.

This is what should be remembered when a person who passes and no one should ever taint the memory of a kind soul who was so adored. At least, TMZ issued an apology and that should count for something.

Let"s keep T.I. and his family lifted in prayer and wish them the strength to overcome this tough time.

Rest in Peace, Precious!

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