Thursday, June 6, 2019

Kandi Burruss And Riley Burruss Spark A Hygiene-Related Debate With The Latest Pics From Kyoto at


As you know by now, Kandi Burruss and her amazing daughter Riley Burruss have been on a mother-daughter trip together for the past few days. They"ve been in Tokyo, Kyoto and more locations and Kandi made sure to keep fans and followers updates with various pics and video on her social media of choice.

Kandi shared various pics, and clips from their vacay and fans loved that they went on this vacation and they told Kandi that her daughter would definitely remember this trip for the rest of her life.

Kandi shared a bunch on new pics from Kyoto in which she and Riley had Geisha makeovers. They are simply breathtaking.

Now, Kandi posted some shots from the "operation find all the cool restaurants" and some fans noticed something that triggered them. Check out Kandi"s post:

"Operation find all the cool restaurants in Japan has been our mission! 😂 @rileyburruss & I had a great time at #Hirobun in #KyotoJapan. Catching our noodles was just different. #FlowingNoodles #kanditrip #mommydaughtertrip," Kandi captioned her post.

Someone wrote, "What if their chopsticks 🥢 touch the water? Don’t their germs come downstream to the next person? Looks fun, but I’m cool on that."

Another follower noticed the same thing and said: "So everyone was catching noodles from the same water with the chopsticks that just came out their mouth? Y"all gonna have mono."

One fan posted, "Seems kind of gross to me 😂 but maybe it’s really hot water that kills the germs."

And eventually, someone else felt the same and said: "I"m certain I"d have THE FIRST SEAT because if I see somebody germs touch my food IMMA STARVE!!!!😩😩GOD, bless Your germaphobic children, in Jesus" name.😩😩"

Would you eat at such a restaurant?

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