Friday, June 7, 2019

Comedian And Online Personality, Shiggy Receives Support From Phaedra Parks In A Difficult Time Of His Life at


Online personality and the creator of The Shiggy Show, Shiggy doesn"t seem to be having the best time of his life, judging by his latest message that he shared online, on his social media account.

He definitely needs some support, and Phaedra Parks was among the first people who gave it to him.

"Lately I’ve Been Lost, Simply Tryna Find Myself, Remind Myself That In This Big Fucking World I’m Not By Myself 🙏" he wrote.

Phaedra Parks commented: "It takes courage to acknowledge loneliness and or depression. Its often a loud cry for help so let’s not laugh or make light of it. Let’s lift @theshiggyshow up and pray for restoration of his joy and peace 🙏🏾❣️"

A fan wrote: "I swear most comedians be depressed in real life. Hopes up❤️"

Someone else said, "People keep saying "Money doesn"t buy happiness". Why do ya"ll assume that he has money? Followers only equals money if they will buy something from you. What is he selling?"

One other commenter also offered the comedian support and said: "Better days are coming, these feelings aren’t forever; they come and go and they will pass.. you aren’t alone and you’ll get through this 💙"

Someone else wrote: "Mental health gets ignored and treated as a joke majority of the times but its really serious. Hoping he gets better. Depression is a monster."

One"s mental health is indeed an vital subject and should never ever be ignored. Whenever you are feeling down and depressed, make sure to reach out to your family, friends, or a specialized therapist.

We are never alone, and together we can get past anything.

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