Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kylie Jenner And Khloe Kardashian Are Accused Of Photoshopping Their Photo For A Makeup Collaboration at lxbr.info


Kylie Jenner has been really active on social media lately, and she"s been flooding her IG with tons of pics with her sisters and he BFFs. It"s like she"s showing Jordyn Woods that she has enough people to surround herself with following the massive drama triggered by Tristan Thompson kissing Kylie"s former BFF.

Anyway, in a recent photo that Kylie shared, she"s together with her beloved sister Khloe Kardashian and they"re advertising a new makeup palette.

Fans are accusing these two ladies of massively photoshopping the image. Check it out below and see for yourself.

"KOKO KOLLECTION ROUND 3 IS HERE! i love working with my sisters it’s the biggest blessing ever ever ever!!! 💛 we created something fun for you guys launching next Friday! June 14th come sooner! Check out my stories to see the first look! @kyliecosmetics," Kylie captioned the photo.


People were really upset in the comments as you will see below.

Someone said, "Didn’t recognize Khloe... than realized Kylie doesn’t look right either?! 😂"

Another follower hinted at the fact that hate comments are removed: "I love watching all of the comments about Khloe not looking like Khloe disappear before my eyes."

A follower was angry and wrote, "How can you sell and promote beauty products?..when your own “ so-called beauty” is only created through a surgeons knife and enhancing Instagram app...? I"m soooo excited NOT to be conned into parting with any money to believe these lies."

One person said, "Stop giving these people your hard earned money! Stop buying the absolute junk they’re endlessly trying to shove down your throat! Stop making them rich and make yourself rich instead!"

Speaking about Khloe not looking like herself, she recently sparked rhinoplasty rumors but denied them all.

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