Monday, June 10, 2019

Toya Wright Claps Back After Critic Calls Reginae Carter "Too Dark Skin" In Picture -- Lil Wayne"s Fans Are Angry Over The Controversy at


Mama bear Toya Wright was not playing around after a hater made a racist comment about her daughter, Reginae Carter.

Over the weekend, Lil Wayne"s baby girl took to social media where she posted a sweet picture with two of her friends.

One person said Reginae does not fit in the picture because she is not slim and tall. Another critic said her skin is too dark.

The individual wrote: "@colormenae she too dark skin.🤢🤢🤢🤢" Toya responded by saying, "f*ck you."

A second follower explained: "And she in her bag. And where are you? On here hating on her skin. All of you got all the time in the world to hate. All of you energy weird asf to this girl. y’all fine af sis fuck a hater 😍😘People don’t want to see the same ass basic light skin broads everywhere🤣... Melanin WINS ❤️👏🏾 PERIOD.😘"


A third commenter shared: "@colormenae @toyawright you are the blueprint of raising a socialite. She is a young black woman in a wild industry with her self worth intact and her dignity in place. No surge. No drugs. All woman. You both deserve so much more praise. 💙"

This Instagram user had this to say: "Such a beautiful girl inside and out,leave her tf alone 🙄 always a black man to be bringing a black Woman down. Honestly wouldn"t even respond to people like that person..he clearly hates himself ..just block and done. so what....melanin poppin&"re just a hater..bye👋"


Another person revealed: "Typical of black men to talk down to black women in front of other women ! Typical 🤷🏾‍♀️People kill me with that light skin and dark skin thing who badder 😡 ALL 3 OF THEM BEAUTIFUL young ladies Period. 😍❤️"

A sixth social media enthusiast chimed in: "For all, you are hating ass people who have taken the time out from your miserable lives to type negative ass comments about this girl who is living her best life and looking fabulous next to her equally beautiful friends are just miserable and fucking tired. Go put that energy into making your bank account look like hers!! Good night."

This supporter revealed: "This was all about her not being light skin and everyone knows it 🙄She’s beautiful, people just need to leave her alone.... and stop shaming females."

Toya is not to be messed with.

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