Monday, June 10, 2019

Toni Braxton Shares A Photo From Her Recent Pittsburgh Pride Performance But Fans Cannot Get Over The Latest Episode Of The Braxton Family Values at


Toni Braxton shared a photo from her latest performance in which she looks like a snack, that"s for sure. But while a lot of fans praised her look and performance, a lot of people continued to address what when down in the latest Braxton Family Values episode.

It was recently reported that after the latest episode of Braxton Family Values, fans were disappointed in Toni, and they used her comments section to explain why and slammed her really hard. It involves her and Tamar’s sister, Traci.

Here"s Toni"s latest pic that she shared on social media.

"I had so much fun last night at #PittsburghPride 🏳️‍🌈Thanks for having me!" Toni captioned the photo.

Someone said, "After watching this last episode of the Braxton’s, I was very disappointed in the behavior of the oldest sister towards Tracy. Why is it okay to go after one sister that leaves the room (with her jacked-up attitude) and not go after sister Tracy when she leaves the room for being upset. It’s very disappointing to watch sisters who allow the youngest (who’s very insecure & fame hungry) to dictate the relationships of the sisters as a whole. Take a step back and take in how Tracy is’s sad."

Another follower believes hat Toni handled the situation the ideal way: "My heart goes out to Traci BUT y"all can"t get on here and blast Toni bc she made a decision to NOT get into a confrontation with Traci. Traci had an opportunity to talk, WALKED AWAY, got herself extremely heated and came back beyond heated. She didn"t come back for a conversation she came back for confrontation. Whether her feelings are justified no one knows but Toni handled this 100% appropriately. There"s no need to get in the ring when u didn"t come to fight and Traci at that moment, justified or not, was ready for a fight. Absolutely nothing could be resolved."

One person gushed over Toni and said, "I love you Mrs. Braxton! I have admired your talent grace and beauty since I was a child! Lol number one on my bucket list is to meet you. I think my life would be done once that happens. @tonibraxton ❤️❤️❤️"

Do you think that Toni handled the situation the right way?

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