Monday, June 10, 2019

Reginae Carter Poses On A Boat With Her Friend In Black Swimming Suits And Fans Warn Her - Check Out The Reason She Should Reportedly "Beware" Of Her Pal at


It was reported just the other day that Reginae Carter broke the Internet with some fresh pics in which she"s showing her beach body on a boat. She was proudly showing off her curves, and she continued this series with a new photo.

This time, she shared a photo in which she was together with her friend, but fans really wanted to warn Reginae in regard to this pal of hers.

Someone posted, "Never trust a friend who doesn’t post you on their page. I notice you post her Nae but she barely posts you or a decent pic of you. Watch out for her 🙄🤔😒"

Another follower said, "Nae, you know I love you but the friend isn’t posting you on any of her pictures nor story nor is she mentioning you. Stop posting her. You can be with her and not post her and still post up just as she’s doing."

One commenter posted this: "That’s your friend but are you hers? she not posting you like you posting her Nae."

Someone addressed Nae"s posture and said, "Girl stop tryna pull in your stomach, you looking like you have no neck. You cute when you’re relaxed."

Another fan told Nae that she"s gorgeous with her natural body: "Never change your body. Remember that even girls with fake bodies get negative comments. Don’t let it bother you. You’re perfect 💕"

Anyway, speaking of figures, just recently when a hater body shamed Nae, her mom Toya Wright hopped in the comments and slammed the heck out of that person. Toya is not joking when it comes to defending her daughters.

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