Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Toni Braxton Supports The Lupus LA New Awareness Campaign - Watch The Video at lxbr.info


You may know that Toni Braxton herself was diagnosed with lupus a while ago. This is a severe autoimmune disease, and whoever suffers from the symptoms knows.

Toni started supporting a new campaign: the Lupus LA Awareness Campaign, and people are praising her initiative.

"Join me in supporting #LupusLA new awareness campaign #YourStoryOurFight! We are raising awareness for #lupus, a devastating autoimmune disease that affects over 5 million people worldwide, each facing their own battle. To donate to #LupusLA, to learn more or to get involved visit LupusLA.org! #LupusLA" Toni captioned the commercial.


Someone said, "Your voice in this video reminds me of the commercial with you and Diezel talking about autism. Your voice is just so soothing! 😩🙌🏾"

Another follower wrote, "Sis needs to do commercials...her JUST talking is so soothing 😭"

One commenter posted: "THIS is why I love you so much😩you inspire me every single day💗💗keep fighting👏🏽💪🏽💪🏽"

A person told Toni, "I just love you Toni, I just acknowledged my mom as she has lupus as well. I’m not sure if you got my tag. You are loved. You have my full blown support. Stay strong sister ✊🏾"

Someone else said, "Just hearing her talk is like heaven, like bro she is the Female Morgan Freeman when it comes to narrating 😍😍😭"

Recently, Toni impressed her fans after posing with her two sons. People were shocked by how handsome they are.

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Toni and Birdman may be trying to create a family of their own.

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