Friday, June 7, 2019

Miley Cyrus Dons Pink Wig — Changes Name To Ashley O After Black Mirror Episode at


Miley Cyrus is paying homage to her character Ashley O whom she plays on the award-winning, hit Netflix series Black Mirror. Sharing several photos and a video with her 94.2 million Instagram followers, Miley aka Ashley went viral and gave the series some of the best free promotion they could have wished for. Once Miley"s fans realized she was in Season 5, episode 3, they responded they would download the Netflix app immediately to see her role.

It marks a return of sorts for Miley back to acting as she also recently appeared as the voice of the elephant in the animated short Lil Dicky: Earth.

Though there is a great deal of acting and performing involved in her music videos, Miley hasn"t actually acted in a movie or television series since 2012, unless you take into consideration her Saturday Night Live hosting appearances. Does this mark a return for Miley Cyrus to television and the silver screen? Her fans certainly hope so.

Miley captioned one of the photos that have now gone viral as follows and changed her official Instagram name to Ashley O — Netflix couldn"t have asked for better publicity!

"Ashley O. Your new favorite pop star / best friend. 💜 #BlackMirror 6/5 @netflix."

Miley rocked a short, pink wig and had short, side-swept bangs that met her perfectly arched, brown brows. Her makeup was subtle and natural and heavy, thick mascaraed eyelashes brought attention to her baby blue eyes. She chose a soft, pink gloss to highlight her full lips and the look was a huge hit with fans and Black Mirror viewers.

Check out some photos and the video Miley shared below.

John Cunningham responded to the photo and said he was changing her contact name to Ashley Eternal. Tempest DuJour who gained worldwide recognition on RuPaul"s Season 7 of Drag Race wrote, "Complete perfection❤️."

Miley shared what appeared to be set photos as several featured her wearing shorts and a long-sleeved, pastel-colored sweater to one of Miley wearing nothing but a robe and baring some cleavage.

Another photo showed Miley dressed in a cheerleader costume with a metallic, purple A emblazoned on her chest.

One fan who watched the episode left the following remark.

"I think I just watched the dark version of Hannah Montana."

Did you see the Black Mirror episode "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too?" What did you think of Miley"s return to television as an actress?

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