Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Kenya Moore Tells Fans She Is All In For The Drama With Epic Photo Shoot -- Will She Bring The Fire To "RHOA"? at lxbr.info


All about the drama, Kenya Moore is living for it. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to social media and she shared yet another dazzling photo shoot where she is wearing dramatic eyelashes and a fiery pink lipstick.

Marc Daly"s wife looked stunning as always in a silver halter dress.

Kenya, who is rumored to be returning to the Bravo show, had a fascinating caption: "Do you like drama as much as I do? Then you will LOVE these @kissproducts #nakeddrama lashes. I’m wearing the “Lacey” for my dramatic red carpet look. Use my code “Kenya20” for a 20% discount. Now Twirl on them tonight! #kisslashes"

One fan told the hot mama: "There is something about you! You just have that perfect magical charm! Mrs. Daly your Eyes Just Glitter the same as our pretty Bright Eyes Brookie 🍪 Cookie! She looked so adorable with her little legs trying to crawl! All the happiness is coming thru your very pretty Eyes! Please come Bach and hurt those haters and showcase beautiful Brookie.💕"

This follower shared: "This woman’s beauty is timeless. Lol, I need more Kenya drama in my life tho. I hope you’re coming back 😫😫😫 Looking like you are 16, lol. Always beautiful keep up the good work you have been a superb mom."

[embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/ByJdCtWHQO9 [/embed]

This supporter stated: "Lol, I need more Kenya drama in my life tho. Yes so true Kenya has to stop dimming her lights by wanting to go bk to RHOA and go to a tv show that showcases her talents attributes to the acting industry and being used by bravo these nasty casts for ratings while they got no real storylines but stale mess yr after yrs. I hope you’re coming back 😫😫😫 #teamtwirl @thekenyamoore."

Another commenter told this to Kenya: "I love this woman. She’s like a sunflower 🌻 just so bright.❤️🔥🙌😍If you’re not back on RHOA, please go back being a tv actress being cast for different roles & permanent recurring roles you will be LOVE RESPECTED USING YOUR REAL TALENTS PAID WELL AND STILL BE VIEWED BY MILLIONS OF FANS GETTING HUGE RATINGS I bet @hillaryforqueens2.0 & myself fans will be saying 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌"

Are you eager to see Kenya back on the show? Will she be able to blend in with the new direction of the series?

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