Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tamar Braxton"s Fans Say She Changed Her Look Following Kandi Burruss" Tour With The Dungeon Show at


Tamar Braxton"s fans are saying that after she was a guest star on Kandi Burruss" Dungeon show, she changed the way in which she"s dressing and some of them are not really here for her new look.

She posted a photo on her social media account which was not that appreciated by her fans and followers.

Someone said, "Sister or not, I would NEVER put up with your behavior."


One follower said, "Okay! You have been acting real grown and fast since Kandi"s dungeon tour👀🤣"

A person hated the outfit and said, "What the ugly nature is this? Stop displaying the ugly. Show us your humble beauty again."

Another one was not here for the location that Tamar chose for the photo: "Why are you taking pictures in some nasty bathroom."

An Instagrammer said: "is it just me or is she dressing differently than before Kandi"s tour? and not in a good way...Tamar, please go back to your old self, I liked you much better then, you looked more humble."

Some fans like Tamar, no matter what she"s wearing. Someone said, "You are so gorgeous Tay Tay! Not just externally but your spirit shines! Please continue to be exactly who God made and intended for you to be. Let the naysayers hate from afar and you keep living your best life. #TheyHateAPiscesHoney #TheyHateUsCuzTheyAintUs."

Recently, Tamar shared a bunch of new pics on her social media account, and she could not be any prouder after the tickets to her concert have been sold out.

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