Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wendy Williams" Behind The Scenes From The Kardashians" House For Kanye West"s Birthday Have Fans Cracking Up And Getting Anxious At The Same Time at


Wendy Williams visited the Kardashians for Kanye West"s birthday according to her latest posts. She shared a few pics and videos and, as it was already reported, fans were cracking up seeing the videos that she filmed.

She posted a video with Kim Kardashian, and fans were laughing their hearts out due to the video"s quality. Wendy continued filming at their house as well, and she also got Kanye on tape.

Her fans continue to laugh like there"s no tomorrow seeing this video as well. Check it out below:

"Happy birthday, Kanye. You are very special to the world. Thank you for a lovely day. #newlife #familyfirst #kanyewest #kimkardashian #krisjenner," Wendy captioned her post.

Fans are not only confused due to the device Wendy used for filming this, but they"re also confused about seeing her spending time with the Kardashians after shading the family for such a long time.

Someone commented, "These behind the scenes Wendy is giving us.... are EVERYTHING 💙❤️🙌🏻"

Another follower said, "Wendy team, get her an iPhone! What the actual fu*k? Is she filming with a potato ?"

A person wrote, "Where is Wendy’s social media manager 😂 she cannot be posting her Nokia videos anymore. 😂💋 Love you either way lol."

A confused fan asked, "Wth!? I"m confused! Bcus Wendy Always talked about them so Bad! Rude, negative, nasty comments & LOTS of Shade, 🤔🤔"

Someone else said, "Can someone please give aunt Wendy an iPhone? This droid mess she is recording on is driving me crazy and giving me anxiety! Thanks!"

The truth is that Wendy"s videos are definitely hilarious. But it"s great to see her so happy and busy these days, hanging out with all kinds of people.

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