Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Porsha Williams Gives Baby PJ A Mani/Pedi In This Cute Video Amidst The Cheating Allegations Against Dennis McKinley at


Porsha Williams" fans have been begging the young mom to update them on the current situation that"s in her family. Dennis McKinley is rumored to have cheated on her, and a few days ago, he was the one who decided that it"s time to address these rumors.

He denied everything and let his fans know that he also hired a lawyer.

Porsha, on the other hand, has been quiet on the subject so far and all that she"s posting on social media are pics and video with the adorable baby Pilar Jhena.

The latest video show Porsha taking care of baby PJ"s nails.

"Baby sometimes I just need some me time🧖🏾‍♀️ #SpaDayTheBabyWay #Mani/Pedi #PjsWorld," Porsha captioned the video posted on PJ"s Instagram account.

Someone commented: "Them baby fingernails be like razor blades. That"s the best time to buff em down a little is while the baby is sleeping so they won"t be fighting and pulling away. My baby"s had me looking like I had a bunch of 😺 in my house with all the scratch marks on me."

One follower said: "I’m truly happy for you 💕 I have wanted this so long for you.....and look at you being a great mom 😊 She is soooo beautiful 😍"

Someone addressed the haters who said that Porsha might be hurting her baby girl: "It"s clearly a lighted manicure tool used for babies that is safe. The filer on it isn"t a coarse material as the one for adults. It"s also safer than a nail clip to prevent cutting the baby and it also comes with a soft buffer too. Some of you females need some milk and a dam nap!! Enjoy your baby @porsha4real."

Fans are still confused regarding what"s going on between Porsha and Dennis. Here"s what Dennis said on the issue:

"These false and slanderous allegations against me are made solely to damage my reputation, jeopardize my ongoing businesses, and negatively impact my family. My attempts to ignore the slander have only empowered Latasha Kebe to create more false accusations."

Porsha"s fans are glad to see that she"s fine and taking care of her baby girl.

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