Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Jenelle Evans’ Mother Barbara And Ex Nathan Griffith ‘Frustrated’ Over Her Decision To Stay With Husband David Eason Despite Everything! at lxbr.info


Jenelle Evans has lost everything because of her controversial husband, David Eason, including her beloved dog, her job and even her kids! But despite the fact that she has more than just one good reason to divorce him, the former Teen Mom star still stands by her man, no matter what!

This is reason for great frustration for her mother, Barbara, and her ex, Nathan Griffith, who just don’t understand why Jenelle won’t leave him already!

Jenelle’s decision is shocking for the two since David killing her French bulldog puppy is what caused them to lose their children’s custody!

It would really make all the sense in the world for her to dump him but that is nowhere close to what has been happening.

Jenelle continues to put time and effort into making their marriage work and has no ‘intention’ to divorce David.

Her fans, family members and friends are just in disbelief and that includes her ex and son Kaiser’s dad Nathan Griffith and her mother, Barbara Evans.

One source tells HollywoodLife that they ‘are frustrated because Jenelle continues to stand by David despite all the legal troubles surrounding the couple, mainly him.’

Barbara and Nathan ‘are going to do what is best for the children and that is the bottom line because they truly love and care about them and do not want to see them hurt. The children have been through a lot already. Everybody knows that Jenelle"s going to continue to defend David, so they will do what they can. Jenelle"s made it clear that she is supporting David.’

Meanwhile, Jenelle opened up about the situation herself, and among other things, she made it very clear that she and David are ‘staying strong and united’ while struggling to get their offspring back home.

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