Saturday, June 8, 2019

Tiny Harris Shares Her Very First Solo Single From Back In 2014 And Fans Are Missing Her Black Eyes at


Tiny Harris made her fans and followers happy when she shared the video of her very first solo single. They recalled it from 2014, and diehard fans are still here for it.

Take a look at the video below to see passionate Tiny:

"#FbF My very first solo single #WTFYGD 2014 I was on one then fr!! Sometimes these niccas have u all the way f**ked up!! So I wrote a song about it!! #WTFYGD #ShouldWonAGrammyFotThisOne 😏👑🎶‼️🤑♋️" Tiny captioned her video.

Someone said, "This still my shit still in my play list‼️🔥"

Another follower posted: "I played this record over and over and over and over again! 😬😆You KILLED this record! 👏🏾👑❤️"

A fan said, "You really are one of the best to do it! -You know what also use to be my jam, “You can get it” and “Lockdown” and “Got to get over you!” -I’m a true Tiny fan! My girl ❤️"

One commenter misses Tiny"s black eyes since before her surgery that she got to change her eyes" color in blue: "I love this shit! And i miss the black eyes!! 😍😍"

A person also gushed over Tiny"s music and said: "Definitely one of my favorites... Baby it’s nothing try me do you wanna know what life is without me 🙌🏾🗣"

Tiny made her fans excited a while ago when she announced that she’s been working on her solo project.

Everyone waited to get a glimpse of what Tiny has been up to and when people finally got the chance to see and hear her, they were simply in awe.

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