Wednesday, June 5, 2019

T.I. Has Tiny Harris Laughing Her Heart Out In The Latest Video - Some Fans Wish Tamar & Vince Could Have Fought Like This For Their Own Marriage at


In the latest video that rapper T.I. shared on social media, he"s making Tiny Harris says his name, and no, it"s not "T.I." Check out the video below to see why Tiny is laughing so hard when she hears how Tip wants to be called.

"Ok @majorgirl Now tell em Whats MY muuuufuckin Name?!?! #OhMercifulDaddy🤩" Tip captioned the clip.

Tiny finally says his name in the comments and she also posts some laughing emojis.

Someone gushed over Tiny and said: "Tiny is so fine her personality makes her everything. You knew better than to not make that right. Am so happy you can tell you love her down always love you guys together. Real true love. I look at you guys and say ain"t no getting between that!"

A fan said "I can say when it comes to your kids you make sure you teaching them right we need more fathers like this with our kids."

One commenter posted: "I bet he had her saying it in the bedroom later that night while she hollering Puh-lease! 😂😂😂 love you guys. Glad you guys worked out your marriage! That break up hurt me like I was going through it. No BS. #blacklovewins."

Someone else wrote: "Love you guys! I think you are a great couple and father to your kids. Especially what is going on with King. He’s awesome, but you"re a great dad. God bless you and your fam!"

A fan was sad thinking about Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert"s own marriage and said that they wish the couple could have fought for their relationship just like Tip and Tiny did for theirs:

"I wish Tamar & Vince could’ve fought for it and worked through it too... it takes a special kind of love & relationship to work through the madness."

Just recently, Tiny released some new music from her solo project and fans have been supporting her.

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