Saturday, June 1, 2019

Lil Wayne"s Daughter, Reginae Carter, Is Glowing In New Sizzling Photos After Splitting From YFN Lucci -- Critics Say Her Attitude Is Taking Away From Her Natural Beauty at


Miss Reginae Carter is glowing and looking sexier than ever in a new series of fashion photos, and many believe that her recent breakup with YFN Lucci might have contributed.

Lil Wayne and Toya Wright"s adult daughter has been dating the rapper on and off for several months now, but it seems that his behavior along with wild rumors claiming he is cheating has taken a toll on the romance.

Reginae took to social media where she hinted that she is fed up of all the drama and is eager to enjoy the single life. In the latest, the young actress once more takes the opportunity to display her famous curves.

While many find Reginae gorgeous, others are fed up with her attitude and they say it takes away from her beauty.

One supporter said: "I don"t understand why people don"t like Reginae. She"s a beautiful person inside and out. She just don"t play about her parents, which I don"t blame her."

Another commenter claimed: "She is glowing without Lucci 💛You are beautiful, don"t let no one tell you different you are a beautiful black woman. Girls are jealous of you because you ARE rich and beautiful and they will never have the money you have. So why do women talk bad about her when? She never met these people before? She didn"t do anything to these women, so I think it"s jealousy."

This critic stated: "It’s because she has a nasty as$ attitude and she so damn cocky if she didn’t act the way she act she wouldn’t have a problem she been spoiled her whole life she don’t know how to treat others she so damn brainwashed but aye don’t come for me I was just leaving my opinion like everyone else 💯🤦🏾‍♀️"

A fourth follower wrote this message: "People hate on you all day but I love your father, so it’s a must that I love you.. gorgeous and wishing you love and happiness ❤️ btw I fully support your relationship 💪🏾. But That pinky toe is suffocating 😂; I feel you girl."

This fan revealed: "If all folks got to talk about is your pinky toe well then Shiiiiiiid you doing good😂😂😂 PSA: Whoevva outchea enlarging they phone to see, and discuss this child’s toe, deserve to get punched in their damn throat 😂😂😂😂😂 y’all doing way too much 😩😩😩😂😂."

Reginae is doing a lot of growing up.

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