Monday, June 10, 2019

T.I."s Video With Intelligent Baby Girl Heiress Harris At The Beach Is The Sweetest Thing You"ll See Today at


T.I. shared a video featuring himself and his and Tiny Harris" baby girl, Heiress Harris at the beach. This sweet girl becomes sharper and more beautiful with each passing day.

Followers are praising Heiress for the smart girl that she already became.

Just check out the video below:

"Daddy Daughter’s Ocean Views & Adventures 🌊" Tip captioned his video with his daughter at the ocean.

Someone said, "True "daddies girl." say what u want about T.I. but if we all had a dad like this ain"t no telling what we could"ve accomplished 😁"

Another follower posted, "That baby said “look at the view.” 😩 She’s so intelligent," while a fan wrote, "She’s so adorable and speaks so eloquently ❤️❤️❤️."

One other person noted that "She is precious! She said “you want to jump in yes or no” 😍" and another fan gushed over Heiress" intelligence: "this baby has been talking since she was born!!! 🙌🏽"

Someone else believes that Heiress is twinning with her om Tiny in this video: "Is it just me or does she look exactly like TI in this video 😩too cute!! Any other time she looks just like Tiny."

Another commenter also praised Tip"s skills as a dad: "Exquisite Fatherhood particularly revolutionizing the bond and eliminating the stigma of African American fathers and their offsprings *TIP Voice* translation Salute OG *My Voice*"

Just the other day, Tip had a really important lesson that he wanted to teach his followers.

shared an emotional video on his social media account and wanted to send a message highlighting the importance of self-love.

His fans were impressed by the video that he shared and they got all emotional in the comments.

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