Monday, June 10, 2019

Here"s How Sofia Richie Reportedly Feels About A Potential Reunion Between Scott Disick And Kourtney Kardashian at


A recent KUWK episode showed Kris Jenner worried that Kourtney Kardashian might still have feelings for Scott Disick and she"s not telling him. Hollywood Life reports that Sofia Richie, Scott"s current GF seems to be entirely at ease with all this.

The online publication"s source said that "Sofia is very confident in her relationship with Scott and she’s not bothered by these scenes of Kourtney and Kris on KUWTK about Kourtney and Scott’s relationship."

The insider reportedly continued and said, "Sofia knows it was just for TV and Scott and Kourtney aren’t reconciling, so she knows there’s nothing to worry about."

"Sofia and Scott don’t really discuss the future," the source continued.

It seems that "She’s nowhere near ready for marriage or babies. They are very happy and content at where they’re at in their lives right now. They live together, and he’s extremely focused on flipping homes right now. Sofia finds it really attractive how into it he’s gotten and he’s quite busy doing it."

A while ago another insider confirmed that Sofia is well-aware of the fact that Kourt will always be in Scott"s life considering the fact that she"s the mother of his kids.

It was recently reported that Sofia and Scott are going strong and she"s spending so much time with him and his family that she"s ignoring her own family for a while.

Scott"s show called Flip it like Disick will premiere this summer, and he"s currently really busy with its making.

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