Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Kate Beckinsale Has Fans In Awe With Alluring Pictures -- See Why A Controversial Joke Posted By Pete Davidson"s Ex Got Them Worried at


Even though British actress Kate Beckinsale is 45, it does not look like she is planning to let the effects of age hit her in any noticeable way.

Pete Davidson"s ex recently showed off her toned and fit body in a nightly adventure in Los Angeles, and it looks like she has been having quite a lot of fun on her time out.

She wore a small black crop top and matching overall attire, and stunned everyone with her style and appearance.

The movie star captioned the alluring photos: "After this, I put Jon in my handbag and still had room for a jumbo bottle of Perrier and two bricks."


She was spotted partying it up, and it does not look like she is going to slow down with this fun and sexy lifestyle anytime soon.

Entirely, on the contrary, many of Beckinsale"s fans have commended her for being so dedicated to finding the right balance between having fun and being responsible in her life.

She also has been quite active on social media, posting various pictures from her adventures and talking to her fans on a regular basis.

Some of Beckinsale"s fans have been very happy with her attitude towards them on social media in particular, as it looks like she knows how to stay in touch with her followers, unlike some of her peers.


Various celebrities of her age have shunned the idea of having an active social media presence, but not Beckinsale, whose Instagram profile receives regular updates for her thousands of followers.

Hopefully, she is going to maintain that status quo for a long time in the future, as it looks like she has the support of many people in this so far, both her fans and fellow celebrities.

One fan told Kate: "The art of seduction. By Kate Beckinsale. Teach me your ways master 😂🤪please tell me what your foot is on is your handbag 😂 New age Santa Sack for all you Bricks and desires. I don’t know where I’m going with this but it makes sense in my brain x."


Another supporter stated: "Call me boring but I could watch this all day...."kids you"re getting your own dinner tonight!"

A recent posting on social media about an alleged exchange with a friend got a lot of attention from her fans and some of them are a bit concerned. Was it all a joke, (the cocaine)?

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