Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tamar Braxton"s Latest No Makeup Video Worries Fans - She"s Not Feeling Very Well Following Her Performance On Kandi Burruss" Show at


Tamar Braxton worried some of her fans with the latest video that she shared on her social media account. She"s not wearing any makeup and she is telling fans that whenever she"s not feeling okay she gets a patch on her eye.

On the other hand, things might not be that bad considering that she"s just visiting Toni Braxton her sister, who offered her a cocktail and Tamar is filming this video with the cocktail in her hand.

Check out the clip and hear what Tamar has to say.

"Heavy, heavy (in my @Jhud voice)🍸🍸🍽🍽 ... it’s not the healthiest way to release stress but it’s my FAVORITE 🤦🏽‍♀️" Tamar captioned her video.

Some of her fans were worried that she said she"s not feeling great, but most of them said that she"s going to be fine because she looks good.

[media-credit name="Source:" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Tamar Braxton Shares A Video With A Pole Dance And Addresses Body Shamers Who Called Her Out For Having Cellulite - She Said Her BF, David Likes Her Thick[/media-credit]

Tamar can be heard saying to Toni Braxton: "I"m not putting you on camera I"m putting your liquor on camera"

Someone told Tamar "You look so pretty natural and makeup free" while another commenter posted: "Toni was like I don’t want to be in the video 😂😂 but Tay Tay get you some rest sis 😩 love you💜"

One commenter posted: "Praying that you are able to receive peace and rest. Further, that you will have freedom in both your personal and professional life from unfavorable entanglements, that you are showered with favor, wisdom, and discernment for things moving forward."

Someone else said: "🤣🤣🤣 Yes girl enjoy your drink and deal with your stomach later."

One other follower gushed over Tamar"s natural look: "I love this video u look absolutely pretty all natural with no makeup. I hope your eye gets better real soon. U have to try to not be stressed out that isn"t healthy at all smh."

Tamar really does have to get herself together because this upcoming weekend she"ll be busy. It was reported that she just revealed for her fans that the next weekend will be fire.

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