Saturday, May 25, 2019

Adam Levine’s Criticized Performance At The Super Bowl Might Have Influenced His Choice To Leave The Voice! at


As fans of The Voice know, Adam Levine, who has been a judge on the music competition for all 16 seasons decided that it was time to move on, taking everyone by surprise! However, one insider report claims that the artist may have been considering it and really thinking about it for months!

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘After the Super Bowl fallout and people not liking the performance and giving him grief for that, and adding the fact that people did not like how Adam dealt with his contestants in the past, it was time to take a break from the show.’

‘So for the benefit of his career, he decided to leave so people would hopefully miss him. So when he comes back with brand new music or appears somewhere else people will be excited to see him again. He feels like he"s oversaturated himself,’ they added.

Reportedly, since he had no more contestants left in the competition, Adam didn’t really want to be there for the season 16 semifinals taping.

An insider shared with TVLine that he was really frustrated about that and did not hide it at all.

That being said, a source on set shared with the outlet that he was ‘very difficult’ during the filming and refused to give the remaining contestants any feedback since they were not on his team.

Furthermore, the fact that the rules changed for season 16, no longer guaranteeing that each judge would have their own contestants for the live playoffs, ticked him off as well, it seems.

‘I still do not understand how you are not on my team. I don’t think anyone does, just ’cause it is weird how it works now. I am still learning the rules of the new show,’ Adam complained during the taping.

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