Saturday, May 4, 2019

Gayle King Pushed Norah O"Donnell Out Of "CBS This Morning" -- Some Fans Threaten To Boycott Morning Program If She Moves To "CBS Evening News" As Reported at


The departure of Norah O"Donnell from the set of CBS This Morning has been officially confirmed, with co-host Gayle King being the first beneficiary of this change.

It is still not clear exactly what went down behind the scenes to provoke such a significant change in the show"s lineup, but according to reports, the situation was mostly at King"s request.

Oprah Winfrey"s best friend had reportedly stated that she would like the co-host to be moved elsewhere due to the poor state of their relationship, and the showrunners were happy to oblige.

It does not look like people are going to forget about O"Donnell anytime soon though, as the journalist remains a popular figure with the show"s fans, and many have questioned the viability of King as her replacement.

The fact that King was mostly the one to request this in the first place has additionally painted her in a negative light in the eyes of many.

Still, the show is moving forward, one way or another -- and it does not look like the producers are going to back down on their decision anytime soon.

In fact, reports indicate that they might have even bigger plans for the production in the near future, although it is not clear what exactly those might be.

There has been no shortage of speculation, as can be expected, with many people trying to guess what might be coming up ahead in the morning show"s run.

CBS This Morning has generally been going through some very turbulent times recently, and the show might have a completely new face in the near future if things continue in the same way.

Fans are not happy with all the rumors. One of them stated: "I really hope you and Norah are not on the "outs" like the post reported...would make me so sad!"

Another supporter of the program added: "I will stop watching this show if she is successful in having you removed by calling you "toxic." You are the penultimate, kind, funny and an amazing role model, mother, wife, newswoman."

A third person added: "Please keep the show news focused, I can"t take another access Hollywood style celebrity butt kiss show. Norah is awesome, but Gayle is the Queen."

O"Donnell is expected to remain on the network and become the anchor of CBS Evening News.

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