Monday, May 6, 2019

Cynthia Bailey And NeNe Leakes Almost Run Into Each Other At Kentucky Derby Party Amid Their Feud - Here"s What Happened! at


Fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes almost had a very ‘uncomfortable’ run-in with one another while in attendance at the very same Kentucky Derby party. As fans know, the two ladies have been feuding!

Apparently, they did notice each other there but that was it!

According to an insider report, the two were invited at the bash, and, as it turns out, they both decided to attend.

It is safe to say that things could have taken an unpleasant turn but somehow a showdown was successfully avoided.

Well, it’s actually pretty easy! All they had to do was completely ignore one another the whole time they were there, not even making eye contact!

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Cynthia and Nene had what could’ve been a very uncomfortable run-in at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 4th, but it was very brief. The two were invited to the same party and both saw one another but didn’t make eye contact or say hello. They saw each other in passing as they both are friends with the family who hosted the party.’

‘Neither tried to start any drama and just kept to themselves and acted like the other wasn’t even there. Neither made an attempt to talk to the other whatsoever. Cynthia was with boyfriend Mike Hill and RHOA co-star Tanya [Sam] and fiance’ Paul [Judge] while Nene was with friends.’

The insider mentioned that it was really sad they acted like total strangers during the party.

At least they did not seem bothered by the other!

As for how their beef started, you may remember that it was all because NeNe accused Cynthia of knowing her nemesis Kenya Moore would attend her wine cooler party and deciding not to tell her anyway.

NeNe believes Cynthia hid that detail from her just to cause more drama, something Cynthia has been denying.

She insists that, she had no idea Kenya would show up before she was already at the door!

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