Saturday, June 1, 2019

Little Women LA"s Christy Gibel Extends Restraining Order On Her Husband -- Reveals He Was Physically Abusive! at


Christy and Todd Gibel are at odds more now than they have ever been before. The Little Women LA star appeared in court to get her current restraining order against her husband extended and reveal just how bad her marriage has really been.

The last report showed that Todd and Christy have been having marital problems for quite some time now. From manipulating the temperature of the house from tampering with her mail, Christy described some the torture that Todd put her through.

A source recently revealed that the reality star has been in a toxic relationship for years.

"She was in a toxic marriage with someone who treated her like crap and promised her things he couldn’t keep. There is a lot of behind the scenes that took place that wasn’t aired. It was a sexless marriage."

Radar Online obtained information about what was said in court.

Christy declared: "On or about April 18, 2019, I told respondent that our marriage was not working, and we should figure out our next steps. I mentioned that I was concerned for his wellbeing and asked him repeatedly to seek help – this was a common occurrence during our marriage. Respondent began to yell and threaten me. Even as far as to throw/break household items. He has made derogatory remarks everyday about me, my makeup, cooking, weight and dyslexia. He has blackmailed me on numerous occasions to manipulate me into staying with him, he beats on my bedroom door late at night while I am sleeping, he has tried to barricade me out of our home several times."

It gets worse. Gibel was forced to describe an incident in which Todd was physically abusive after taking painkillers that were prescribed to her!

"Respondent took medication that was prescribed for me for pain in my neck. He then became violent. He started slapping me and holding me down, so I could not move."

The restraining order is now effective until July 9.

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