Thursday, May 9, 2019

Jussie Smollett"s Empire Co-Stars Are Lobbying Fox For Smollett"s Return at


According to a report from, Jussie Smollett"s co-stars on Empire aren"t pleased with Fox Studios" decision to eliminate the actor from the next season of the show.

In fact, they"ve been asking producers and network executives to have him reinstated, despite rumors of the entertainer faking a hate crime against himself for career gains.

Sources close to those on the show told TMZ that cast members, including Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, want the controversial performer back on the set. Last week, officials from Fox said they had no intentions of bringing him back, but he would be on during the sixth season.

Following the announcement, co-stars on Empire began pushing for his return claims the outlet. As for the reason why - his cast members believe Jussie"s character was fundamentally important to the show. They also feel his return won"t hurt the ratings either.

Ironically, Jussie"s character, Jamal, got married to another black man, depicting a gay marriage between two African-American men for the first time ever on national television. Just before the episode aired, TMZ reporters asked him how he felt and he said, "pride."

With that said, Jussie has serious problems right now with the Chicago police as well as the federal government, following the state prosecutor, Kim Foxx"s decision to let him off all charges. Kim Foxx is now under investigation by the FBI, and Jussie is facing a lawsuit from the police for wasting their man hours and taxpayer dollars.

Reportedly, executives over at Fox are waiting to see what happens to Smollett in his case before putting him back on. The charges against the actor were dropped, allegedly, because of the actor"s supposed relationship with Michelle Obama, who called in a favor with Kim Foxx to have the actor exonerated.

Donald Trump recently commented on the matter, saying the incident was a disgrace. The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, claimed it was a "white-washing of justice."

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