Saturday, May 4, 2019

Prince Harry Cancels Amsterdam Trip While Meghan Markle Is Expected To Give Birth Any Day Now at


Fans of the Royals are keeping their eyes on Meghan Markle since she is expected to give birth to her and husband Prince Harry’s first baby any day now. That being said, it looks like the man is also choosing to do the same as he’s reportedly postponed his Amsterdam trip.

Naturally, he would not want to miss the birth of the bundle of joy and feels like being there for his wife is more important than the previously scheduled trip.

One spokesperson for the couple stated that ‘Due to the logistical planning for the traveling press to cover visits and engagements by The Royal Family, we have taken the decision to postpone The Duke of Sussex"s scheduled visit to Amsterdam on Wednesday 8th May 2019. The Duke is currently scheduled to travel to The Hague on Thursday 9th May for the launch of the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 as planned.’

Only a few days prior, the announcement that Harry was going to travel to the Netherlands on May 8 and 9 was made, causing people to theorize that, in reality, Meghan had already given birth in secret.

Buckingham Palace declared for to E! News that the ‘baby hasn"t been born yet’ however.

So how does this trip fit in her due date timeline? Are they really keeping the fact that Meghan has already welcomed the baby under wraps or not?

Did Harry cancel his trip to stay by her side? It sounds like the fans will have to wait and find out all the answers.

Either way, the former actress is expected to give birth soon since she previously revealed her due date would be in late April, early May.

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