Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Remy Ma Is Blown Away By Her And Papoose"s Golden Child - Here Are Her Videos With Some Adorable Moments - Tamar Braxton Is Here For This at


Remy Ma could not be happier and prouder of her and Papoose"s baby girl. Since she gave birth, Remy"s life became perfect, and she keeps telling this to people.

Remy has been documenting her and Papoose"s daughter"s life on her social media account, and the most recent videos that she shared with her baby girl are the best thing you"ll see today.

"I HAD to share this with y’all ! People think I am exaggerating when I say she’s really #TheGoldenChild 🥇👶🏽 ... never in my life have I seen a 4-month-old do what she does. My baby says “hi”; look how she uses the same cadence as me 🎵 She also repeats the silly spitting thing her Dad taught her😏 (her favorite thing to do🤦🏽‍♀️) And when she’s watching her show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she be FOCUSED- hands folded and everything 😍KenzieGirl 😍 #ReminisceMacKenzie #MeetTheMackies #BlackLove #RemyMa #MommyAndDaddyMoments," Remy captioned her post on social media.

Some fans said that the kid has her mom"s brains. Another follower wrote "In a couple of weeks you will send me a video where she’s walking, I won’t even be surprised .. 😩😍 she’s very advanced #GoldenChild."

One other person said "Wow. Yo I’m dying how she sitting there watching tv. That’s you all day lol wow. God bless. Love you sis."

Tamar Braxton also hopped in the comments, telling Remy that the baby girl is amazing and more people agreed.

Remy"s fans were recently impressed by one of her initiatives.

The rapper has been released from prison back in 2014 after a conviction that was coming from a case involving a shooting at a New York deli.

She’s been incredibly supportive of women who had a similar fate, and the latest post on Instagram shows that she’s doing something to help women who are have been negatively impacted by prison.

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