Monday, May 20, 2019

Tamar Braxton"s Ex, Vincent Herbert, Looks Angry In Their Son Logan Graduation Picture -- Here Is Why Toni"s Sister May Need To Reach Out To Him More at


Tamar Braxton was a very happy mother at the kindergarten graduation for her son, Logan, but her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, was less than thrilled to be there.

Cutie pie Logan had the entire family at his big event -- Tamar came with her sister, Toni Braxton, and her son, Diezel.

Tamar and Toni"s mother, Evelyn, was also present to cheer on Logan. Tamar happily said this in the caption of her post about the beautiful ceremony: "That kindergarten class is saved!!! He’s going to the FIRST grade already!! Congratulations To my BEANS."

Fans say Tamar should have cropped out angry Vince from the family pictures: "I would have Diddy cropped Vince out 😂🤷🏽‍♀️Is Tamar Man taking the pic or something cause Vince is about to lose it😂😂😂. His dad looks like he doesn’t want to be there 😂Vince has to be a new meme. Daddy Shark-a-doo isn"t with it. Vince face expression says it all😂😂."

Another commenter stated: "Mrs. Evelyn must be pinching Vince on the low. 😩Please please don’t zoom in on Vince save yourself😭 Vince ain"t doing much celebrating tho 😂😂😂the big mad !!!"

This supporter claimed: "Why Vince Look Like He Just Had To Curse Tamar Out Before This Picture 😩These are three separate pics and he did not budge 😩 clearly doesn"t want to be there. Vince’s mouth is closed so you KNOW he’s pissed!! 😂😂😂😂"


This follower had this joke: "She never texted Vince back whenever he texted her last. He doesn"t forget about that. He sick about it. Vince getting that “sorry I lied to you Martin, I just didn’t wanna go to Arizona” 😩😭.

This Instagram user claimed: "Damn. Vince mean mugging like he found out they going to a vegan spot afterward😂😂😂Is Tamar boyfriend taking this picture 👀👀....cause Vince looking like he’s pissed in every shot 😂😂😂."

Tamar recently took to social media to talk about loving herself: "There is FORSURE more cellulite to kiss!!! 😘 some of you are just PURE ignorant as to what a women’s body REALLY looks like without a filter🙄 all of you post all about women’s rights, etc. but who hears us if we continue to shame ourselves and each other??? I am a PROUD woman, and I have earned EVERY wrinkle and dimple. @david.adefeso loves it and actually likes me thick. I have good credit, a FEW jobs, my bills are paid, my mama house paid for, my son is taken care of AND I’m living my BEST life!! If u can’t deal with my dimples, that’s on you!!! Anyway happy birthday @kandi 🗣#giveitupforthebirthdaybih #standupforcellulite 💪🏾 #realwemonrocks."

The picture has some commenters saying that Tamar may need to reach out to Vince more, so they can co-parent in a better and more cordial environment.

Should Tamar try to reach out to Vince?

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