Thursday, May 30, 2019

Porsha Williams" Fans Are Desperate After Seeing Her Without Her Engagement Ring - They Hope That The Split Rumors Are False at


Porsha Williams has been living such a happy life since she gave birth to her and Dennis McKinley"s baby Pilar Jhena. She"s been saying that she finally has everything she"s ever dreamed about and she"s grateful for it all.

But you may recall that some pretty dark rumors started surrounding her fiance, Dennis. He"s been said to have had drug issues and more. Rumors even claimed that he hooked up with Porsha for her fame and in fact, he"s a womanizer.

Neither Porsha nor Dennis have commented anything about the subject, and Porsha kept posting their baby girl on social media.

Fans, on the other hand, are getting restless with each passing day and they"re praying that these latest rumors are not right.

Some fans spotted that in the latest pic that she shared on social media, Porsha is not wearing her engagement ring.


Someone said "I want you and Dennis to stay together😞😞😞❤️" and a fan asked, "@porsha4real where is your ring 😩"

One follower asked Porsha to address the rumors: "@porsha4real please address the rumors...hope y’all still together."

A person said "Miss sorry that this extra craps going on in your life! When this what you have wanted...Lady we all want a man but not a cost where you go wanted a baby ...forget everything else but your lil princess, your mommy and sis have your back think of the blessing!!!"

Someone else posted: "Whatever the outcome .. babies are blessings from God and you will be alright no matter what ✊🏽"

A commenter wrote, "@porsha4real Beautiful pic! I 🙏 all is well with you and Dennis! You are a lovely couple❤️"

Do you think that the latest rumors are true?

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