Friday, May 24, 2019

T.I. Explains How He Went From The "Crack House To The White House" Using This Video After Posting A Tear-Jerking Conversation On Late Sister Precious Harris" Birthday at


Activist and rapper T.I. penned a sweet message to his late sister, Precious Harris, on her birthday that made fans tear up.

Tiny Harris" husband has an open and emotional conversation with Precious where he gives her an update on the entire family including his children -- Zonnique, Majesty, Domani, Deyjah, King and Major who are hitting important milestones.

He thanked Precious for her contribution and told his niece, Kamaya, he will be there for her.


T.I.P. wrote: "Happy Birthday sis!!!! We still celebrating your life & legacy, all while missing the shit out you at the same time. I try my best to smile knowing you’re at peace, rather than selfishly complaining about my pain. I feel like a hater crying cause you’re not here when I KNOW you’ve been promoted to your rightful position. YOU EARNED THAT!!!! Your contributions to Atlanta, to the generations & to THIS family are immeasurable & WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! Me & Kareem finally on good terms & speaking again... can u believe that shit?!?! Kamaya still having a tough time but she gon be straight, I GOT HER...On Pops!!! Major’s doing great in school still thanx to Auntie Precious Academy... Bryce building apps and making moves in LA now. Deyjah just graduated high school last week and Domani a$s is actually gon graduate tomorrow🤯...King thinks he grown as sh*t and trying to call his own shots as usual. Me & Tameka still doing what WE only WE CAN. My mama just went to a Shirley Caesar concert & said, “Precious would’ve loved this...She got down!!!” Messiah’s moving out into his own place & Niq Niq already grown as hell too. On Mother’s Day, we gave a scholarship away in your name on Vh1, and we plan to do so every year. I thank God for all the knowledge, wisdom, guidance, love & laughter you blessed US ALL with. We Love You Forever!!! #LongLivePrecious."


T.I. is also celebrating the fact that he came from the "crack house" to the White House. He wrote: "Simply Serendipity. 😂😭🤣 #FromTheCrackHouseToTheWhiteHouse."

One person said: "What a beautiful tribute! May her spirit rest upon your hearts today! ❤️ Happy Birthday in heaven Soror Precious, you’ve received the greatest gift ever 🎁 - that of eternal life! 🙏🏽"

Another commenter added: "Aww I really really Love and adore Auntie Precious. He spoke just like he was talking to his sister and I can’t believe it wasn’t with all the extra big words he uses.. this was perfect. 🙏🏽 My prayers are with you all. Keep it up, T.I.P. 😘💪"

This supporter claimed: "This post is beautiful! Happy birthday to your sister! You KNOW she’s with all of you every day in spirit! ❤️"

T.I. is always thoughtful.

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