Monday, May 6, 2019

Mama June Rushed To Hospital On Next Episode Of "From Not To Hot" While Fans Suspect Drug Use at


Viewers have started to see the demise of Mama June on the WE TV show "From Not To Hot." On the next episode of the series, it is heavily hinted that June Shannon will be rushed to the hospital for health issues.

Since undergoing multiple surgeries to lose hundreds of pounds, the reality star has packed on weight due to her no longer working out and eating healthy. The change in routine is majorly affected her health on top of already being blind in one eye.

It also doesn"t help that her boyfriend, Geno Doak is causing major stress with his recent actions. The contractor was caught sexting multiple women sending June into a downward spiral.

It was revealed that Doak took thousands of dollars from her account.

A preview for next week"s installment shows Shannon"s hands turning tomato red, legs swollen, and June wincing in pain when Geno tries to touch her. A producer even steps in when it seems that the 39-year-old is losing consciousness.

Although Mama June has had serious health issues in the past, some viewers seem to think that they are watching June suffer from drug addiction. June and Geno were recently arrested for the possession of crack cocaine.

One viewer tweeted: "I don’t know how none of them see that they both obviously were on drugs. I mean June’s eye is messed up normally but she and Geno both show classic signs of drug abuse."

While another stated: "Her constant jaw grinding, slurred speech. And eyes rolling around are classic. … It’s common for folks to develop new addictions after weight loss surgery."

Another viewer added: "June needs to focus on her health .. not [Geno] he’s not a good guy for her obviously."

The WE TV personality"s family is in agreement that Geno is up to no good and dragging his girlfriend down with him. However, June doesn"t seem to care.

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