Monday, May 6, 2019

Stevie J Gets Real About Joseline Hernandez And Bonnie Bella In New Video -- Faith Evans" Husband Calls DJ Ballistic"s Girlfriend A Bad Mother Who Is Stopping Him From Seeing His Daughter at


There has been a lot of fighting between Joseline Hernandez and her baby daddy, Stevie J, since the birth of their daughter, Bonnie Bella, and this weekend, the music maker took it to another level.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, who is currently married to diva Faith Evans, took to social media and he posted a video where he explained that he flew to Florida five times to see his daughter, but Joseline has made that impossible.

Stevie J claimed that he wants to spend quality time with Bonnie Bella, but Joseline does not want to even talk to him to work out a visitation schedule.

One person slammed Joseline: "Ion care how much I can’t stand my baby father 🗣 come get your kids 😂😂😂 I never understood mothers holding children away from their father if he is not abusing them 😩. Josline is just like 50 cent baby mama petty; it only hurts the kid in the end. 😤"

This supporter of the mother of one shared: "Cause she with her new daddy in her Easter dress everyday 😪Let’s remember he was in back child support for not doing for his other kids. Just because they seem like good parents on Social Media don’t mean their good parents in real life. Say what you want, but Joseline is raising Bonnie great. Yep!!! Always our fault 😩😩 meanwhile you want to be a part-time father!!! Is either you in her life permanently or out!"

Another backer of the femcee wrote this: "People are asking why is the public with this, but Joseline has been very public about him not being in the baby’s life like that’s ok 🤔The way she said "faith will be working for Bonnie forever" I can believe that she would keep his daughter away. She"s the right kind of bitter."

This fan also added: "Y’all swear you know what’s going on in these people’s lives. If he’s not a danger to his child, he should be allowed to see her, PERIOD! 🗣 TAKE HER TO COURT! That baby is the only card she got left to control him!"

Joseline recently shared a video saying that her new boyfriend, DJ Ballistic, is being a great father to Bonnie Bella.

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