Friday, May 31, 2019

Tiny Harris Hurts Zonnique Pullins In Hilarious Video Where She Calls Heiress, Her Sweetest Child Out Of Them All at


Poor Zonnique Pullins, she has to fight to get the attention of her mother, Tiny Harris, and the Internet is loving it.

This week, T.I."s wife took to social media and she posted a sweet video where she is conducting an interview with her baby daughter, Heiress Harris.

In the caption, Tiny called cutie pie Heiress the sweetest of her seven children: "My baby done made it lol! She’s doing interviews now like a big girl!! Everything about her is Sunshine to me! She the sweetest baby out our bunch. With just enough attitude to handle herself with her big brothers & sisters!! She"s brings so much happiness to the whole family. @heiressdharris is a special kinda girl fr!!! 👑💜🌟#SheAMamasGirlForSure"

Zonnique, who is Tiny"s oldest daughter, was not having it and wrote: "mmmm she’s sweet, but the’s gonna have to be a no for me dawg."

One supporter said: "Kingggg Kinggggg Soulja voice lol nah I’m playing I believe that he just has an edgy look ❤️❤️lol. I so love hearing little kids say, "thank you"...just melts my heart. She"s gonna be a genius watch. She"ll be in gifted classes. She reminded me of me when I was little. The job was well done to you and TI❤️."

Another person stated: "Man this is so dope..... y’all give black families the audacity of Hope 🙌🏽 💕💕💕💕💕💕 We need to keep seeing more of this less of other crap others putting out in our communities. So cute sounds like she has a little English accent😂😂😍😍😍."

This fan told Tiny: "Girl this had me in tears! I don’t know what type of magic juice God gave you as a mother, but all your kids are so freaking sweet and humble and smart ugh you need an award. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💪🏾💪🏾."

An Instagrammer wrote: "She is toooo sweet. The fact that she comprehended and knew to say that as y’all were talking about it😩🥰❤️It’s funny that every Aries I know gets described as sunshine. I’m an Aries myself and my family has been saying this since I was born 25 years ago. Aries that I know families say the same too ✨"

Fans do agree that T.I.P. and his spouse have raised a wonderful and bright group of children, including Zonnique.

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