Saturday, May 4, 2019

Iggy Azalea Is In Paris Hilton"s Dog House With Her Sugar Daddy -- Video Has Fans Wanting More at


Iggy Azalea has pleased her fans by releasing a new music video, showing off her curves and trying out a variety of different outfits.

It looks like Iggy has not lost her form at all, as she is still the party girl everyone knows her as.

The new video has received lots of positive comments, with many of Azalea"s fans praising the star"s performance and appearance, while others have pointed out that she should probably be more active in releasing music videos in the future.

Observers also saw Tracy Martel in the video, with the two surrounded by lots of dogs.

In fact, it was reportedly filmed in the dog house of none other than Paris Hilton.

Some have pointed out that Hilton"s dog has a better life than most people on Earth, and that does not seem to be far from the truth, judging by what fans have seen.

Iggy wanted to remind her fans that she is not represented by a major label right now, and she has been trying to make it as an indie singer.

She wrote: "Thank you guys for supporting! Please remember I"m INDIE now! If you liked the video – please buy the song on iTunes. It"s not expensive but it gives me the ability to keep bringing you guys quality concepts like this in the future. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. Love you loving it!"

With that in mind, she has asked her fans to buy the song on iTunes, as that would help her fund any future tracks and videos.

So it looks like those who have been wishing for her to be more active on that front have a real chance of contributing themselves -- they have to get the new song!

Moreover, considering the rumors that fans might see even more releases from Iggy in the near future, it is definitely not a bad investment.

When the video started doing well online, Iggy was happy to celebrate.

One of her supporters stated: "It"s because you"re literally a QUEEN! Everything you do is of OUTSTANDING quality. We love you so so much keep slaying!"

A second follower added: "Iggy really said God Is A Woman and made a video about scamming a sugar daddy."

A third person added: "The video has reached 1 million views in such a short time!😱 Congrats Iggy! We know that you have to work twice as hard now, but we also know you will never disappoint us. This is what you love to do the most, and that’s why we will always support you. Can’t wait for more great songs/projects like these. Can’t wait for In My Defence!"

Do you like Iggy"s new video?

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