Sunday, May 5, 2019

Destiny’s Child Singer Michelle Williams And Pastor Chad Johnson Make Huge Announcement With Stunning Pictures at


It is official, Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams and pastor Chad Johnson have taken to social media to confirm the rumors flying around the Internet -- they are back together.

The couple was spotted looking very cozy and in love while attending the 2019 Kentucky Derby on Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky. They were accompanied by friend and singer Amerie.

Michelle and Chad dated for almost two years and were even engaged before splitting in late 2018 after appearing in the reality show, Chad Loves Michelle.

One fan said she is happy that Michelle is back with the pastor and added: "I hope they keep it private this time. Their friends should do the same. Looking beautiful and glowing. The presence of peace of love is all over you! ❤️❤️"

Another commenter shared: "She needs some happiness rn even if it’s with an ex. We are all soo happy all of you back together now it’s time to get married."

This follower claimed: "Amerie knew what she was doing 😂I’m glad he didn’t give up on her. Yasssssss I knew you would OWN that hat 👒 Look at you my Chelle that smile melts my heart, I love you so much!!😘💜
Welcome to my home city. I hope you enjoyed yourself! I briefly met you at Godfidence live a few years ago. 🌹🏇🏾"

This Instagram user added: "@chadjohnson77 When you know it’s not right, it’s not right. You have to be happy within the relationship and you never wanna wake up one day and feel I made a mistake. I watched the entire show and there was some parts where I know you seemed very scared, and worried if this was for you and certain comments especially the one where you stated “ God told me to give you back” I felt it was a joke but sometimes in jokes the truth comes out. I admire your wanting to be as one but I can also respect you letting her go. No one needs a bigger heartache then leaving a marriage it’s nice you knew what you wanted, and you just was real within yourself. That’s what God wants is you to both be honest; it just wasn’t working, and we only see the outside; we don’t see everything."

Fans are hoping that it will work this time around.

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