Thursday, May 30, 2019

Ashanti Has Fans Drooling In Sensual Barely-There Bathing Suit Picture While Playing In A Bathtub Full Of Rose Petals at


Miss Ashanti has decided it is time to break the Internet with a handful of sizzling bikini photos that were taken while filming a new music video in Thailand.

The talented R&B singer showed off her magnificent body in a tiny crochet bikini with jewels. Wearing long blonde hair, the diva from New York can be seen swimming around a giant bathtub filled with rose petals.

Fans of the artist made it clear that they will never get tired of seeing her iconic figure.

One drooling supporter explained: "Got damnnnn (in my Martin"s voice) birthday twin fine asf 😍🤤She been fine and out of the the bullsh!t 4ever!!, I was at an event; in the restrooms, a lady was in a stall singing one of your songs; then just about the other stalls; we all start singing the song. It was so funny.😙😉😘"


This person revealed that he has a long crush on the singer and added: "That calm look when someone expects you to chase them and text them all the time...My childhood crush! You don"t age! You still look like you did 17 years ago when I fell in love with you. 😍❤️"

A third music lover wrote in the comment section: "Awwww look at my bae looking all good🥰 sitting in a pot of turnip greens 🥬 🤣Always loved this young lady very talented, beautiful and just seem well grounded!! 😘😘This blonde is so dope on you!!!🔥🔥🔥My favorite thing about Thailand 🇹🇭 was the scenery 😍I wish I was that wat."


In a new interview with EBONY, Ashanti spoke about her upcoming EP and her decision to work with hitmaker Metro Boomin.

She stated: “I just did an [Instagram] Live with my fans … and I asked them, ‘What do you guys want from me? Do you want up-tempo? Do you want club records? Do you want R&B records? Ballads? What do you want?’ It was a landslide; they want vintage, Ashanti R&B with a little 2019 spice, which is why Metro is my guy.”


She added: “I feel like there’s a void. I feel like people want it, but there’s not a lot of true, passionate, R&B music when you think about it. Telling a story, being vulnerable, and being visual.”

Ashanti is back to dominating the game.

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