Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Toya Wright Tries To Look Amazing In Neon Bathing Suit Picture, But Lil Wayne"s Ex"s Feet Irk Fans at


Author Toya Wright wanted to simply be great, live her best life and flaunt her killer curves in a neon bikini, but her signature ballerina toes made all of that impossible.

This week, Reginae Carter"s hot mom took to social media to share another stellar paid fashion post.

In the picture, Lil Wayne"s ex-wife is killing it in a lime green bathing suit as she enjoys herself on a luxury yacht.

To make her legs look leaner, Toya pointed one toe, and fans are both dragging and laughing at the pose.

Many are begging Reign Rushing"s mother to stop hurting her toes for a picture.

One person had this reaction: "Her and Nae low key the same person. 😍I will never understand the one leg/foot up pose. Please fill me in. That toe point gave me a mean Charlie horse. Damn her foot look like it hurt."

This follower claimed: "Everybody going to be a neon highlighter this summer. 😊That chicken foot has me weak, other than that she looks gorgeous af. I be so glad when that foot pose goes away. That’s pose is so irky😩She looks younger than her daughter.

A third commenter explained: "The little foot gets me every time 😂 , but she’s gorgeous as always 😍You taking the lime thang far please keep going it"s so cute💯She’s, so 🔥🔥🔥 that’s how I’m trying to look after two kids 😍Lil Wayne needs to get back with her an make the family thing work. I swear I said alright Reginae doing it 😩😩 they twins for real."

This woman revealed: "I love her, but I will be so glad when that foot pose goes away. That’s pose is so irky😩I’m so happy I’m not the only one who thinks that foot pose isn’t cute. Quit doing that 😂😂😂I"m not being mean, but you look great whats with the foot. That"s a signature pose. I know Wayne slaps himself every damn day."

This supporter said: "I love me some Toya. ❤️ Sis gone neon green us to death this summer & I’m here for it. Toya be looking younger then her daughter 🔥🙏🏻 type of mom I"m trying to be. When you have absolutely nothing to hate on so you complain about how she poses.. lmao y’all something else 🤦🏾‍♀️😭I swear y’all find anything to be negative."

Toya is good at stirring the pot with her fashion choices.

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