Sunday, May 19, 2019

Porsha Williams" Latest Video Of Baby PJ Smiling Has Fans Saying That Pilar Looks Like Her Grandma at


Porsha Williams posted a video of baby PJ in which she"s laying in her crib and smiling at the camera at one point. Some of Porsha"s fans say that the baby girl looks like Porsha"s mom.

The gorgeous RHOA star is obsessed with her baby Pilar Jhena, and after recently revealing her face to the world, now she cannot stop posting her on social media.

She keeps posting pics and videos on her social media for her fans to see her and Dennis" baby girl.

"Omg so I check to see if PJ is up and she looking dead in camera like yes biiiihhhh getcha butt up😂😂😂 @pilarjhena" Porsha captioned her video.

Someone said "She is perfect and so happy all of your hearts’ desires came true! ❤️"

Another follower posted "She looking like “I know you see me!” But my God what a good baby tho! Keep up the good work parents!"

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One fan said "Can she hear you laughing? I saw her little smile 😍😍😍 She is so adorable. As long as she isn’t crying I would just lay there and watch her. She may be enjoying some me time. Lol."

Someone else commented "This is a perfect " we see each other" moment 😂🤣😂🤣"

One of Porsha"s followers said that Pilar looks like grandma: "She looks like your mommy 😍❤️" and more fans agreed.

Someone told Porsha: "At least she was relaxing and letting you finish your sleep. Now she like “oh you up up” lol."

Anyway, if Pilar looks like Porsha"s mom, she"s truly blessed, because Porsha has a gorgeous mother.

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