Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tristan Thompson"s Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, Shares New Eye-Popping Pictures -- Things Go South Quickly With Critics Who Just Learned That She Was Married To Tyga at lxbr.info


As a model for several well-known brands, Jordan Craig, who is also Tristan Thompson"s baby mama, has returned to social media to share a few head-spinning photos.

However, this time around, she is getting bombarded and even judged for marrying Kylie Jenner"s ex-boyfriend, rapper Tyga.

Indeed it has been confirmed by TMZ that Tyga and Jordan were married in September 2010. In October 2010, Tyga filed for divorce after barely one month.

Recently, however, Tyga was spotted liking some of Jordan"s sexy Instagram posts. Note that, after Jordan split from Tyga, she dated Tristan and they share a son named Prince.

Tristan also has a daughter -- True with Khloe Kardashian. Tyga"s other baby mama and ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, has a little girl named Dream with Khloe"s brother, Rob Kardashian.

One person asked: "So you weren’t gone tell nobody you were married to Tyga?"


Another commenter wondered: "I"m so out of the loop when did she date Tyga? B4 or after Chyna or Kylie. Was he before or after Tristan? I need answers please lol I feel so old. 😜😕"

This curious fan wondered: "You mean wife. I call signing a license to get married and saying I Do marriage. They were in love. I just can’t believe it. They were married. I still can’t believe it!"

This follower defended her: "It would be called an annulment. Call it what you want. It was over nine years ago and not a story. By the way, I"m not mad at her choice...I just hate that some make a big deal out of it. Old news. Why are you in your feelings that she was in love with Tyga and married him? You’re the one making it a big deal. How are you mad at her choices! Weird."

A fifth Instagrammer said: "I just saw a post about it. What a conundrum. Who digs up this information? They have no privacy; this young lady seems so pleasant I hope no one is trying to bash her — a beautiful, classy lady. Always look forward to seeing your gorgeous pics. Respect the way you have kept your life and your sons private!"

Some people believe that Tyga might be behind the leak of the marriage news. Do you think this could be true?

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