Sunday, May 19, 2019

Comic James Schrader Breaks The Internet With William Painter Sunglasses Commercial — Watch Video at


Many are calling it the best commercial they"ve ever seen and comic James Schrader has a lot to do with that. The writer, actor, and comedian joined forces with William Painter"s advertising team to create comedic gold and a commercial that actually has people Googling not only the product it sells but the commercial and the actor who stars in it.

James Schrader can be found performing stand-up but when he isn"t using his talents to make people laugh in person, he"s lending his skills to companies and creating viral videos. The commercial he filmed for William Painter has more than 16 million views and is titled, "If You Or Somone You Love Has A Face..."

Speaking about breaking the Internet with an ad for the only pair of sunglasses you"ll ever need, Schrader stated the following.

"The team at William Painter and Raindrop Branding & Advertising were great to work with, very collaborative, and let me be me in the moment. We made a video that we are proud of and look forward to making the next one."

That type of ad-libbing and creativity is a talent and gift and it"s clear that James Schrader has both.

You may see the William Painter commercial "If You Or Someone You Love Has A Face..." in the video player below.

This isn"t James Schrader"s first viral commercial ad that has catapulted him in the spotlight. He also filmed another hilarious ad for Dr. Squatch Natural Soap for Men that has more than 14 million views.

Schrader"s fans praise his talents and many say he is the best pitch-man this generation and they hope to see more of his hilarious, creative, and witty ads.

You may see James Schrader in the Dr. Squatch Natural Soap for Men commercial below.

James Schrader has become an Internet sensation and millions say that it"s the only time they"ve never skipped a video ad to get to their intended video.

At this point, there"s no word if Schrader will make the jump from Internet pitchman to television ads, but his fans may not want him to. Most of what makes his ads a hit is their length and the ability to get a bit more risque than you would on television.

What do you think of James Schrader, the pitch-man who keeps breaking the Internet?

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