Friday, May 31, 2019

Porsha Williams Shares New Sweet Pic Of Baby PJ Amidst Rumors That She Called Off Her Engagement To Dennis McKinley at


Porsha Williams" family has been surrounded by some very dark rumors these days. It has been said that she called off her engagement to baby daddy Dennis McKinkley after some pretty horrible allegations surfaced.

The sad breakup rumors have begun over the Memorial Day when Porsha has reportedly unfollowed Dennis on Instagram.

Porsha"s mom Diane and her sister, Lauren Williams, are reportedly not following him either. According to the latest reports coming from the online magazine Hollywood Life, Porsha followed him back on May 29.

They write that this may mean that whatever happened bad between them might have been fixed.

On the other hand, Porsha has been spotted without her engagement ring, and this freaked fans out.

Neither Porsha nor Dennis have commented on the disturbing issue.

On the other hand, Porsha keeps posting pics with her lovely baby PJ. The latest one is so sweet that it will melt your heart.

Someone commented: "Porsha she"s so BEAUTIFUL AND PRECIOUS 💕💖 Don"t know what"s going on with you and Dennis, but I"m still gonna be rooting for y"all. 👍🏽"

Another follower said, "You are gorgeous Porsha, and so is this sweet angel. But sorry, she is her daddy’s twin! So that’s him as a baby girl, lol. She still cuter tho."

One commenter also said that PJ is twinning with her daddy: "OMG freaking ADORABLE!!! She is her father"s child!!"

A fan posted: "@porsha4real I know she was worth the wait. Omg, a real live doll baby. Look at those dimples. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wish my son were a baby again. #heyprettygirl."

Let"s hope that Porsha is doing okay these days. Fans are still rooting for her and Dennis regardless of the rumors.

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