Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bebe Rexha Takes A Big Stand Against Alabama Anti-Abortion Law After Showing The World What A "Real Woman" Looks Like With This Picture at


Bebe Rexha, who is busy taking on the anti-abortion law in Alabama, is entirely also committed to fighting body shaming as observers have seen recently, and she has been moving forward on that front with full force.

Just recently, she shared a photo in just her bikini from a vacation she took in San Juan.

Also, according to the description of the photo, it was utterly unedited and was supposed to let people see what a "real woman" looks like.

Rexha added some sarcastic comments to the post as well, exclaiming that it might have been wiser of her to Photoshop some parts of her body, such as giving herself a flat stomach.


She has also commented on her legs and added that they could have looked better if they were thinner.

Moreover, while many people were supportive of Rexha and her message, some also pointed out that she is just preaching to the choir.

Recently, fashion trends have shifted a lot, and the image of the ideal woman is starting to move more and more into the territory of curvy and natural bodies.

With that in mind, some claim that her comments regarding making herself look slimmer do not make much sense.

Rexha"s father has been critical of her recently too, claiming that she should stop posting "stupid pornography" to the Internet.

This was in response to a recent incident which saw her music video get flagged by YouTube"s automated content filtering system.

It does not look like Flamur Rexha is all too happy with the way his daughter has been presenting herself.



A second note read: "Beauty doesn"t mean Photoshop, beauty is not skinny, beauty is accepting yourself for who you are and being proud of it, in more than proud!!♡"

A third follower added: "I love you for this❤️❤️ there was this time in my life when I was refusing to go swimming with my class or even wear shorts in summer because I was so insecure and scared to show my body. My mom was like "well look at Bebe! She"s not ashamed of her curves, and she"s beyond beautiful. Get inspired. That was when I truly realized that she was right. Thank you, Bebe❤️."

Is Rexha positively contributing to the natural movement?

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