Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Kenya Moore Shares Her Weight Loss Secret - People Accuse Her Of Using Photoshop at


Kenya Moore seems to be getting fitter and fitter these days. She also made sure to tell fans how exactly she"s losing weight, even though she"s been recently confronted with various accusations slamming her for actually having liposuction.

"Yaaas Summer! I’m down another 4-5lbs on @bodycompleterx but the weekend was tough with all the good food! I’m back to my meal replacement shake! I add a little vanilla extract and soy milk. Yummy! Just a few lbs left! I can’t wait. #bodycompleterx #bodygoals #bcrx," Kenya captioned her photo.


The brand was grateful to Kenya for promoting them, "Thank you so much for trusting our brand Kenya! You are amazing inside out!! ♥️"

Someone told her, "Kenya, you are Inspiration I will keep working on my weight Goals.😍🤗🤗"

A person accused Kenya of changing the photo and said "Delete this, can see where you"ve photoshopped by the curve in the railing."

Someone else said, "I know most housewives have had plastic surgery done. I can"t stand when those who have had liposuction then go on and try to sell for products like this. It sends a bad message."

One commenter posted, "You look amazing and your baby’s so beautiful 😍 you deserve everything that God has blessed you with."

Speaking of various health and beauty-related products, not too long ago fans have also been debating Kenya"s hair care product line.

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